Fatal Vanity

Fatal Vanity

I am slowly catching up with everything and I cannot believe how a week seems like a year in Second Life. I was literally jumping for joy when I finished this photo and the thought of being able to blog again made me all excited! Earlier today, I was lucky enough to be part of an amazingly unique show made possible by AIM, featuring Blacklace – one of the longest running lingerie brands in SL. I must admit that it was something new to me since I am not one who is used to confidently baring her figure (I know it’s SL but still… :P). I did not wear the skulls and skeleton hands on the runway but I loved the way it gave this look a sort of dark vibe. It is part of GizzA‘s new release “Deathly Silence” – a stunning long gown that will surely make heads turn.

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Starring Role

Starring Role 2

Yup! Listening to Marina and the Diamonds again. ^_^ My good friend Mumuhime, owner of Mumuhime’s Photography Studio, dropped some goodies my way the other day. She told me that her studio is now offering mesh outfits featuring her photos. You can choose from pre-designed pieces or have your own photo taken to be textured on the mesh templates. The sexy, asymmetric dress I am wearing is one of her first release called “Falling Frames” in orange and is also available in blue and yellow.

Mumu is very passionate with her art and it shows in the uniqueness of her works. Visit this site for more information regarding pricing, services offered, and Mumu’s expanding portfolio. You can also drop by the in-world studio or shop at her marketplace.

Also, the Mes Brics a Bracs accessories event is still running! Be sure to take a peek and grab your favorites before the month ends. Here’s your complimentary limousine. ^_^

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