Dance with me – Dope by BTS

Ready for more? This time around, I dragged my twin Taylor Wassep for an impromptu Dope performance. “Mims” by Sync’d Motion is available at equal10 and the pack includes 7 dance animations ranging between 20-30 seconds each. The moves are energetic and powerful which is why I chose the song Dope by BTS. It fits the tempo almost perfectly. I’m still trying to figure out how to frame two avatars so please forgive me for the video being off-center. Till our next dance session! ♥

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Dance with me – gogobebe by MAMAMOO

4Min by Sync’D Motion made up of 6 smooth, upbeat dance animations is perfect for the strong woman who is not afraid to unleash a bit of her sultry side. This is why I immediately thought of MAMAMOO, a South Korean girl group, who, for me, is the embodiment of the modern, independent woman. As I was watching the dance animations closely inworld, their song “gogobebe” came to mind. The movements fit the song superbly with its mixture of sexy body waves and hip movement and hip-hop moves.

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