MOVE!: Alini

MOVE!: Alini
The weekend is finally here and I am pretty sure there are tons of people out there who are looking to hang out and de-stress from what seems to be a long school or work week! MOVE! Animations recently released Alini – a super chill, female dance animation pack. Alini grooves into the music with much ease which gives you a swag boost with little to no effort needed. Be sure to pick up your copy before heading out to party!

Cost: 300L$/each, get a 30% discount when you buy the full pack for 2999L$
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MOVE! Animations Cologne

MOVE! Animations Cologne is a Second Life animation brand based in Cologne, Germany. The dance animations are 100% original and are recorded with high quality cameras featuring real people who are passionate about music, dance, and party.

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