Garden Party

Garden Party

Fleur from Evolve got me in touch with my feminine side. The beautiful floral dress accentuates a woman’s curves and also bares a little skin with the plunging neckline. This outfit is perfect for a cocktail party or even a garden wedding. Since the weather is getting a little chilly, I threw on a cardigan from Belgravia to keep me warm.

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Barbie Girl

A look completely different from my last post. How’s your week going so far?

Barbie Girl

skin: Essences ║ Inka Mexicola – Cho – Doux

hair: Analog Dog ║ Queue Marlowe – Meme – Cacao

feet: Slink ║ Siddean Munro – Medium Feet

lipstick: MOCK ║ Mocksoup Graves – Creme Metallic Shine – Kitten Bacon

teeth: Izzie’s ║ Izzie Button – Teeth 4

shirt: EMERY ║ Sunami Beck – Safari Shirt – Norbit Jalpur (My Attic)

skirt: EMERY ║ Sunami Beck – Striped Ludwig – Blue (My Attic)

necklace: MG ║ Maxi Gossamer – Nima’s Fall Leaf Necklace (C88)

eyewear: Le Primitif ║ Yani Tryce – Hazel Sunglass – Floral 2 (My Attic)

shoes: Leverocci ║ Jin Elfan – Satin Wrap Heels – Yellow

kitten: Ohmai ║ Anya Ohmai – Mochi Kitten (DU5)

stool + pose: Marukin ║ Valencia Southard – Automatism (DU5)

I wanna see you be brave…

I wanna see you be brave...

Maybe there’s a way out of the cage where you live
Maybe one of these days you can let the light in
Show me how big your brave is

Say what you wanna say
And let the words fall out
Honestly I wanna see you be brave


skin: Essences ║ Inka Mexicola – Cho – Doux (NEW)

eyes: IKON ║ Ikon Innovia – Ascension – Leonine

hair: TuTy’s ║ tutys Resident – SHOCK – Electric bob – Dark Brown

nails: je suis… ║ Julia Merosi – Basic Nails

lashes: Gaeline ║ Gael Streeter – Mysteria

eyeliner: Glam Affair ║ Aida Ewing – Couture Eyeliner No.1

lipstick: blackLiquid ║ Blackliquid Tokyoska – Orient Express Wasabi Lips

dress: [LG] K Collection ║ Kim Lysette – Troublemaker (Material Girl Discount Store)

boots: Belgravia ║ Jin Elfan – Electra Boots – Nero

bracelet: MANDALA ║ kikunosuke Eel – Pearl Rain Season 2 – Butter

rings: MANDALA ║ kikunosuke Eel – Sinra2 – Gold

pose: PosESioN ║ Dahriel Resident – Dolce 3

Express yourself…

One thing I love about modeling is I get to meet tons of awesome people just like the sweet Leezah Kaddour. We met while casting for *VoguE* yesterday and I noticed her bright outfit right away. I remember her telling me that bright colors is part of who she is. I have to agree with her on that. Why? Because she is one of those who gives off this positive aura that makes you want to be around them. Her words are encouraging and in the (very) short time that I have known her, I can tell that she appreciates the beauty in everything around her. I admire her awareness of her own style and how she uses it to give people a glimpse of who she is. That is true fashion – dress up to express yourself…

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My Seven SL Facts Meme

My Seven SL Facts Meme
I am not really good with blog challenges and memes but I thought I’d do Strawberry Singh’s “My Seven SL Facts”

My SL Fact #1: 

I can be a bit of an impulsive buyer (fine! a lot). It is a bad habit that I am trying to break.

My SL Fact #2: 

I am not that good with socializing. I have a ton of awesome people on my friends list but I feel too shy and awkward to IM them.

My SL Fact #3: 

I kind of want to learn how to make something but I don’t know where to start.

My SL Fact #4:

Most people think Jang is my first name which is no big deal.

My SL Fact #5: 

I love cosmetics and I do think we need more than 5 tattoo layers.

My SL Fact #6: 

One thing I hate the most is editing lashes. It frustrates me.

My SL Fact #7:

Most of my time in-world is spent dressing up and taking photos… alone in my skybox. (See Fact #2)

These memes are actually kind of fun and I will try to do more. ^_^ Thanks for starting this, Berry! ❤

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