Jung Shin and Sung Young

Annyeong haseyo everyone! Today, I will be introducing you to somebody who will be appearing on my blog every now and then. Awesome blog readers, this is Jang Jung-Shin. Jung-Shin, these are my awesome blog readers. ^_^

Jung Shin and Sung Young

When I went to faMESHed this weekend, I saw the tee and chinos that Jung-Shin is wearing and I was hoping that it came in a female version. I even got the demos to see how the smallest size would look on me and if I could pull off wearing mesh designed for men. *FAIL* Now, I have a valid reason for buying it! ^_^

This is a sneak peek of my recent mini haul. I wasn’t really planning for this, it just happened. BUT I am working on a blog post dedicated for faMESHed. So, yeah! Credits after the jump… Continue reading “Jung Shin and Sung Young”