{bilo} Rania + Group Giveaway [CLOSED]

{bilo} Rania

A few days ago, {bilo} released a very summer-appropriate mesh maxi dress. As soon as I received the notice I quickly TPed in-store to check it out. I tried a demo on and completely fell in love with it! There’s only one problem… I can’t find a fatpack! 😥 I was so eager to get all the colors that I IMed Mayaa Thistle and Chandra Masala to ask if a fatpack would be available. Turns out that I was an early bird and they haven’t set up the fatpack in-store yet but it is already posted for sale on {bilo}‘s marketplace. I ended up buying it there ‘coz I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. ^_^ The fatpack is already available in-store (along with 2  new dresses! Reema and Lollipop *makes grabby hands*).

Rania comes in 6 different color options and 5 sizes. Visit this link to get an overview of the color options. As for the sizes, the dress comes in XXS, XS, S, M, and L – it would definitely fit a wide range of avatar shape. The texturing is seamless and gorgeous making it worth every penny. It cost 350L$ each and 1400L$ for the fatpack so if you feel like buying all the colors, fatpack it! You’ll be saving lots of moolah by doing so.

{bilo} sure is becoming one of my favorite mesh stores and if you haven’t heard about it till now, what are you waiting for! Drop by and prepare to part ways with your L$ ^_^

For my very first group giveaway, yes, you guessed it right! I would be giving away not (1) but (3) Rania fatpacks!! If you want to know how to join then might as well take the jump!

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