no goodbyes, just see you around

Hi, everyone!

You may have noticed that I have not really posted any new blogs or photos in more than half a year; I do feel compelled to explain my disappearance and why you’d probably be seeing less of me in the future. Second Life has always been a huge part of me and has helped me channel my creativity, escape stress, and more importantly, meet some people who have become a huge part of of my life. Although it is a bit saddening to put everything aside, there are times wherein we need to prioritize certain things and give up some others in order to maintain our balance. Right now, my priority is my partner — Azar, my family, my career, and my mental and physical health. I will forever be grateful for my time as a resident of an inspiring and supportive community which is why I don’t want to fully close this chapter of my life. Azar and I always have random thoughts of logging in for old time’s sake and possibly snap a few photos, after all, we did meet through Second Life, so who knows? We may do just that one of these days!

I would also take this opportunity to say thank you to the brands, creators, events, blog managers, and supporters who have trusted me throughout my active years as a blogger. I appreciate everything you all have done — from seeing my talent to being considerate of all the situations I’ve gone through that would often than not affect my ability to meet requirements. Though I am ending my blogging journey, I do wish to one day be able to hop on and casually take photos of your creations when inspiration hits. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

So, like the title says…. no goodbyes, just see you around!

With love,

Be back shortly…

Be back shortly...

I took this photo months ago but it didn’t get to see the light of day for the simple fact that I didn’t like how it turned out. It’s actually supposed to be part of a series that I wanted to do and still am planning to do as soon as I am back from my break. I wish everyone is doing well!

♥ Sung

Mischief Managed Photocontest

Mischief Managed Photocontest
Info taken from the Mischief Managed Flickr page

Mischief Managed is celebrating its 5th birthday on July 14th, and this summer will have a whole host of exciting things going on!

To kick off the celebrations Mischief Managed’s Marketing Team are launching a photo-contest.

Show off the Mischief Managed sim, show us what the magical world of Harry Potter, and magic, means to you!

You can take pictures of your character, your friends, the sim, anything that shows what Harry Potter means to you!

The important bits:

Title your picture with “What Mischief Managed means to me, [username]”

Tag your picture with “what Mischief Managed means to me” and add Mischief Managed to your picture

All pictures must be submitted to the Mischief Managed Flickr Group

The competition opens on June 14th and closes July 12th to allow for judging, with winners announced July 14th! Any picture submitted before June 14th and after July 12th will not be counted

You can submit as many pictures as you want

Non-members of Mischief Managed are allowed to enter, the sim is open every Monday for Muggle Mondays and when term ends for the summer holidays (June 25th) we will leave the sim open to allow for visitors to stop by to take snaps!

First Prize – 2500L$

Second Prize – 1500L$

Third Prize – 750L$

(OOC staff may join in with the picture taking however cannot enter the competition)