I wish that I could be like the cool kids

I wish that I could be like the cool kids_001
I wish that I could be like the cool kids_002

hair: TuTy’s | Tuty – Limbo
ears: Mandala | kikunosuke Eel – Steking
hands and feet: Slink | Siddean Munro – Avatar Enhancement Hands and Feet (Natural)
top: ClaVv. | Pierre – Grunge Long Tee (KUSTOM9)
sandals: Erratic | Erratic Rain – Valena (Uber)
hat: ClaVv. | Pierre – Widehat Black (Busy Autumn Gacha @ KUSTOM9)
necklace: Kunglers | Ava Kungler – Thereza necklace (Jewelry Fair 2014)
watch and bracelet: Mandala | kikunosuke Eel – Billionaire
eyewear: Le Primitif | Yani Tryce – Ichi Shades
phone: ClaVv. | Pierre – Executive Phone Call (Busy Autumn Gacha @ KUSTOM9)

pose: MORPHINE | Hadaluna Daines – You Inspire Me


hair: xin | superjaix – Sehun (group gift)
ears: Mandala | kikunosuke Eel – Steking
hands and feet: Slink | Siddean Munro – Avatar Enhancement Hands and Feet
top: ClaVv. | Pierre – Grunge Long Tee (KUSTOM9)
bottom: not so bad | Reda Bertolucci – Edwin (TMD)
shoes: David Heather | Gianni Broda – Ricardo Oxfords (TMD)
watch and bracelet: Mandala | kikunosuke Eel – Billionaire
scarf: ClaVv. | Pierre – Long Scarf Black RARE (Busy Autumn Gacha @ KUSTOM9)
eyewear: SORGO | Arscene Dubrovna – Issa
bag: ClaVv. | Pierre – Vintage Music Student Totebag (Busy Autumn Gacha @ KUSTOM9)

pose: Le Poppycock | Olivia Lalonde – One in a million (TMD)

2014 SL Home & Garden Expo

2014 SL Home & Garden Expo

Announcing the 7th Annual Home and Garden Expo

Home and Garden Expo 2014, benefitting RFL of SL, opens on September 16, and runs through the 28th. Spread over nine sims, HGE features the finest in Second Life Home and Garden design product and creator tools. Over 85 participating creators have joined HGE, one of the first mega-events of the 2015 Relay For Life fundraising drive in Second Life.

Relay For Life of Second Life is in its tenth season, as Second Life residents across the grid band together to raise funds for Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society. The funds raised go to finance cancer research. During the 2014 season, RFL of SL broke the $415,000.00 USD mark for total funds raised.

This year’s HGE is supported by nine Platinum Sponsors and eight Gold Sponsors. It also includes, for the first time, a comprehensive shopping guide listing all donation items, new releases, hunt, raffle and gatcha items. New rules and a new layout for HGE reduces lag and provides ample display space for each of the participants’ products.

The 2014 HGE features the debut of the Rezzie Awards. The Rezzie Awards are specifically designed to honor the excellent work of the designers, creators, coders, and builders who make Second Life so visually stunning and interactive, and who inspire roleplay, photography, machinima, and so much more.

Nominations were open to the public through September 12th. The awards jury then selected 4 nominees to represent each of 35 categories. The nominated works are listed on the website and visitors are invited to vote for their choices there. (HGE Staff members will be excluded from the final list of nominees, and are not eligible for awards.) Voting commenced on September 14th, and will remain open through September 27th.The winners will be announced just prior to the close of Home Expo on September 28th!

Winners will receive an exclusive, customized trophy, designed by Reven Rosca. The Rezzie Awards are organized by Fallacy DeCuir, and audited by Fallacy DeCuir, Kat Alderson and DeAnn Dufaux.

Click the link below to cast your votes!


Official Blog: http://slhomeandgardenexpo.com/
Official Flickr Group: https://www.flickr.com/groups/homeandgardenexpo2014/

Relay For Life of Second Life Officia Site: http://relayforlifeofsecondlife.org/
Relay For Life Official Site about Second Life: http://www.cancer.org/involved/participate/relayforlife/second-life

Home and Garden Expo 2014’s organizing committee are:
Coordinator: Kat Alderson
Co-Coordinators: Fallacy DeCuir, Reven Rosca, DeAnn Dufaux
Blog and Shopping Guide Coordinator: Eden Knoller with Joonie Jatho and Roman Godde

Breathe Me

This is my second attempt green screening and I personally think I did a little better than my previous one. It’s tricky but so much fun to do! :P

Breathe Me

Click through to view photo on Flickr

I sometimes whine that there are far too many events in Second Life and I can barely keep up (don’t take my whining seriously… we all know that I love to shop!) but this is actually a good chance to discover up and coming brands or established ones that I wasn’t aware of (I stand around on my platform 70% of the times I am online so yes, technically I do live “under a rock”). One event to definitely check out is We <3 Roleplay – a monthly event that gratifies the role-playing community with tons of high quality items. Now, I am not an RPer but I do love playing dress up and embellishing myself with unique accessories. Some pieces available at the event are multi-functional and can be worn up and about the grid.

You can’t see the gorgeous sandals clearly so I am grabbing the official ad from Eudora3D’s flickr stream.

Eudora 3D Artemis Sandals (Slink Flats) Main FATPACK

Happy shopping! <3


hair: Argrace | Rika Oyen – Akane (comes with pose)
eyelids: Slink | Siddean Munro – Mesh Eyelids
hands: Slink | Siddean Munro – Avatar Enhancement Hands
feet: Slink | Siddean Munro – Natural Women’s Feet
dress: !gO! | Gocha Merlin – Fay Dress (We <3 RP)
shoes: Eudora3D | Eudora3D – Artemis Sandals (We <3 RP)
headpiece: Keystone | Aymee Monk – Fae’leth (We <3 RP)
bracers: .random.Matter | Nikohl Hax – Baratheon Bracers (We <3 RP)

Highschool Sweethearts

Highschool Sweethearts_002

[monso]‘s My Preppy Look gave me a bit of highschool nostalgia. It may be one of those awkward phases of my life but it sure was fun! The women’s version is available at Fameshed and the men’s version at The Men’s Department. There are 6 color options available for both the pants and sweater. The sweater also includes a HUD that changes the shirt and tie colors. It will be for sale at a discounted price for the duration of the event before it is marked up to original price once moved to the mainstore.

Highschool Sweethearts_003

I paired it up with L.Warwick’s Sawtooth flats that you can grab at Uber‘s current apocalypse-themed round. It comes in 9 different colors which are sold separately. Please be advised that the flats are add-ons for the Slink Natural Mesh Feet.

Jungshin did quite a bit of shopping at TMD and one of his must-haves is 2Real’s Stackz LMT. It includes sizes for males, females, and kids as well! I will definitely be grabbing a pair for myself. :P

Highschool Sweethearts_001

Soy has new furniture and decor out at The Men’s Department – the Old Photo Light (touch to toggle, comes with and without socket), Three Legged Chair (comes in 2 colors – brass and crow), and Increment of Hunch No. 9 wall decor (comes in black and white) and console.

I hope everyone’s enjoying their Sunday and 메리 추석 to all those celebrating Chuseok! Eats lots of tasty food and have a precious time with your family! <3


hair: [monso] | Morphine Janick – Nana
hands: Slink | Siddean Munro – Avatar Enhancement Hands
feet: Slink | Siddean Munro – Natural Mesh Feet
outfit: [monso] | Morphine Janick – My Preppy Look (Fameshed)
shoes: L.Warwick | Lindsey Warwick – Sawtooth Flats (Uber)


hair: [monso] | Morphine Janick – Yong
hands: Slink | Siddean Munro – Avatar Enhancement Hands
outfit: [monso] | Morphine Janick – My Preppy Look (The Men’s Department)
shoes: 2Real | 2REAL Okelli – Stackz LMT (The Men’s Department)

pose: Consignment and !bang | Wavie Haller and Luna Jubilee – less than three

furniture: Soy | Soyoy – Old Photo Light, Three Legged Chair, Increment of Hunch No. 9 wall decor and console (The Men’s Department)