Review Policy

Blogging is my hobby – I blog when I see or feel something that inspires me and fuels my creativity.

Please take the time to read my review policy below.

1. Personal Style – everybody has one and I am no exception. I blog things that suit my taste and therefore, some items may not be featured because of this.

2. Fatpacks – I do appreciate fatpacks but please be aware that I may or may not take photos of every style/color option.

3. Time Constraint – before SL comes RL. I work full-time which cuts off a significant length of my time spent to blog. Due to this, please understand that it may take me a while before I post my blog entry.

4. Photo Editing – my photos are subjected to post processing. That is why I always encourage readers to try a demo before making a purchase in-world.

5. Credits – I give proper credit where credit is due. If by any chance I miss crediting you, please understand that it is not intentional. Contact me so I can update my post right away.

Thank you!


I might have bored you to death but thanks for reading! Now, tell me something and let's make this a little bit more interesting. Shall we?

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