10 Random Facts About Me TAG + CHIC²

10 Random Facts About Me TAG + CHIC2

I was thinking of something to blog and this idea just popped out of nowhere. I figured since I am getting to know a lot of people, it would be fun to share some random facts about me. Ready? ^_^

1. If I have to choose between clubbing or bungee jumping, I would choose bungee jumping.

2. I love daydreaming and I talk to myself a lot especially when I’m trying really hard to focus on something.

3. It takes me more than an hour to take a bath. Hey! Pampering myself is so not a crime!

4. My favorite color is purple and green.

5. I love learning about other cultures.

6. I am an impulsive buyer both in RL and SL. ^_^

7. I am SUPER optimistic. I tend to look at the bright side no matter how bad things look.

8. My childhood nickname is “Snow White”.

9. I drink a glass of fruit shake everyday and my favorite is Strawberry-Banana.

10. I absolutely love meeting new friends. So do not hesitate to say “Hi!” when you see me.

And that’s it! ^_^ 10 random facts about me. How about you guys? I tag everyone who wants to do this post and if you do, paste your links on the comment area below or if you don’t have a blog or don’t feel like blogging, you can post 10 random facts about yourself on the comments and let’s get to know each other more!

CHIC’s Birthday Event

You probably have heard lots of people raving about CHIC². CHIC is celebrating it’s second birthday this June and they sure do know how to throw an event! With 150 brands participating, you would think that it’ll be difficult to go through each store but NO! I really, really appreciate how the CHIC team arranged everything. It’s like one, big stadium of goodies that are laid out in front of you, conveniently labeled and surprisingly accessible. The event started June 3rd and will end on June 24 so there’s still plenty of time for you guys to check it out. TP to CHIC²

Great job and Happy 2nd Birthday CHIC! Wishing you all the best and more success in the years to come. ❤

Annyeong! ^_^


hair: >TRUTH< Hilary in caramel by Truth Hawks

skin: .::Mother Goose’s::. Gahee – 1 by milok Hermit

eyes: Mayfly Liquid Light Eyes in espresso by Arkesh Baral

eye makeup: *BOOM* Love my eyes liner – thick by Aranel Ah

bangles: [MANDALA] Takara Bangle in oriental black by kikunosuke Eel

bracelet: miel Friendo bracelet by miel Nirvana

ring (right): LaGyo cube ring in black by Gyorgyna Larnia

ring (left): PIDIDDLE Empress nail ring (CHIC²) by Brutus Martinek

dress: Koketka Sara Dress in raspberry (CHIC²) by Slava Parkin

pose: [LAP] Model School II by Dove Swanson

4 thoughts on “10 Random Facts About Me TAG + CHIC²

  1. […] Jang Sung Young came up with an idea of 10 random facts about me on her blog. I decided to do it because it’s actually really hard to come up with ten random facts about yourself. Especially when it’s the internet & you all could be weird ax murdering freaks. […]

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